Quality Custom Interiors Builds stairs and more.

Through refined craftsmanship, years of woodworking experience, and commitment to client satisfaction, Ron Bergley at Quality Custom Interiors works painstakingly to create custom staircases. Each one is unique to the homeowners personality and style. As a railing contractor, providing finish carpentry, and doing staircase remodels, Quality Custom Interiors brings all the touches your home deserves: hand fitted crown moldings, chair rails and wainscoting, fireplace mantels, and in-laid hardwood flooring is something that Quality Custom Interiors excels at.

The Unique and Beautiful Staircases that Quality Custom Interiors brings to your home will personalize it dramatically

The way many of today's mass-produced homes are created leaves much to be desired, especially when the art of style and individualism has taken a back seat. This is not more evident anywhere else than when our houses are built for maximum square-foot for the dollar. The refinements are reduced to kitchen and bath upgrades, and other rooms remain plain and ordinary - completed but not finished - left to interior decorators to use paint, fabrics, and furniture to try and bring the space to life.

What does your staircase say about your home?

Your staircase says it all. Typically staircases are situated at the front entry and are the first impression your guests receive coming into your house. Staircase Remodel is a great way to make an big impact. Whether your stairwell is Large and imposing, wrought iron, painted rail, or boxed drywall, if it was installed by a builder its likely to be one of the biggest impediments to you creating your own look and feel, and expressing your individual taste. Staircase Remodel can make a big difference for homes in Seattle. Custom stairs make an amazing first impression.

A New Staircase can be a Revolutionary Experience

Each job at Quality Custom Interiors is personally supervised, on-site, by Ron. Ron and his crew's fine craftsmanship provides a transformative experience, finishing your house's interior and creating a staircase that both reflects your own personality and creates an architectural focal point for your home and furnishings.