About Us

Meet Ron Bergley

Hi, I'm Ron Bergley, owner of Quality Custom Interiors. I've been in business for over 20 years and a railing contractor for over 25 years. I'm a native of Western Washington, the Puget Sound and Seattle. Being in one place for so long, I know the value of work done well, personal referrals, and standing behind your work...even years later. I've done plenty of work for new home builders, finishing interiors for hundreds if not thousands of houses. But what I really like is working for the individual home owner, where I can get a sense of what they want to accomplish and help them realize their dream. There is little in life that beats the satisfaction in seeing a homeowners delight when we finish an job. That's one reason I have remained a boutique business, completely hands on.

Individual Client Focus

I'm completely hands on and a craftsman at heart and in practice. We focus 100% of our effort executing only one customer's job at a time. When you contract with Quality Custom Interiors, you get my crew and I full time from when the job starts until the job is done, which is usually less than two weeks. When we do a staircase upgrade, we do it all -including removal and installation, full finishing and clean up. We're a one stop shop.

Designers, Not Just Installers

When you call me, you call a resource with all the options, the experience, and the design ideas to get you from concept to construction. I'll come out loaded with samples of everything, a book of example projects, and an ear to hear what you want to achieve. Together we'll get you what you may not have thought even possible.

Your Happiness Makes the Difference

After the job and after the delight of your new interior wears off, we're still there. For over 20 years we've been specializing as a railing contractor, and for the next 20 years we'll be there. No issue is too small. No problem too petty. We'll be glad to come out and correct anything with our work...it's part of our service.